Sunshine Cleaning 2008

A single mother and her slacker sister find an unexpected way to turn their lives around in the off-beat dramatic comedy. In order to raise the tuition to send her young son to private school the mom starts an unusual business – a biohazard removal/crime scene clean-up service.

Cleaning Up!!? 1921

First film produced by Laugh-O-Gram Studio, as part of demo reel. This film is not really animated, it just consists of Walt drawing a single frame. Part of the Newman Laugh-O-Grams Series.

The Cleaning Man 1907

A zealous janitor mops the floor so hard nobody can stand up.

Mouse Cleaning 1948

Mammy Two-Shoes threatens to throw Tom out of the house if he makes a mess. Jerry sees an opportunity to rid himself of his feline nemesis.

Cleaning Up 2011

Mr Jackson is the perfect hitman. Cold, calculating and professional. You see him and you die. Don’t you?

Spring Cleaning 2015

If you're spring cleaning this year, think twice before throwing out your old paints.

Cleaning Up!

Cleaning Women is unique Finnish band, which plays self-made instruments made from eg. drying rack and large tin cans. This documentary follows their Eastern Europe tour.

Cleaning Up 1933

Tony Pumpford takes a job selling vacuum cleaners, and in doing so tangles with a chorus girl. He then accidentally ends up in the show whilst demonstrating the cleaner.

Cleaning House 1938

Mama has everyone working on spring cleaning, or so she thinks; in fact, everyone's slacking off in various ways. The Captain is the only one to get caught and face her wrath, though. To escape, he fakes illness, but the boys catch him at it. Mama calls the doctor; the boys intercept him and impersonate him. They get revealed, but so does the Captain, and Mama puts him to work doing everyone's job.

Cleaning Up 1930

Two street cleaners save the life of the police commissioner. In gratitude, he gives them jobs as policemen. Their first assignment? Capture the #1 criminal on the "Ten Most Wanted" list.

House Cleaning Blues 1937

Housecleaning blues are just what Betty Boop has the morning after a wild party. Grampy to the rescue!

House Cleaning Time 1929

Farmer Alfalfa and his cat are having a wash day and mice starts a soap war.

Cleaning in Progress 2008

Four friends, Abdul, Jason, Angela and Danielle enrolled at university with two things in mind: to pass their degree and have fun at the same time. They attended induction day to find out the first year exams weren't compulsory, so they did what any other student would do, take the year off.

The Cleaning Day 1937

Kiko the Kangaroo has problems with his house cleaning when Ozzie the Ostrich keeps getting in his way...

Cleaning Up (Opprydding)

Erasto mourns in church, and outside there is a police car waiting for him. Without a word, the narrative takes us on an emotional and thought-provoking journey through the experiences of Erasto as the uneasiness of tragedy unfolds before his eyes.

The Cleaning Lady

A woman takes her badly burned maid under her wing but her damages are not only on the outside.

Dry Cleaning 1997

A bored couple takes in a young man who turns their lives inside out

My Father Is a Cleaning Lady 2011

Polo is 16 and has all the worries of a teenager his age. Between a bedridden mother and a sister who dreams of being a Miss, the only one he can look up to is his father. Unfortunately, he works as a maid ...

The Cleaning Lady 2015

Rosa is a single mother forced to become the “cleaning lady” for the mob. Her skills to spotlessly clean any crime scene keeps the mob safe until the detectives decide to investigate the chemicals.