Big Brother

Big Brother 1974

Wu Min Chan and Kuang La Lung are subordinates of Commander of Northern Province, gunning for the post of Garrison Commander. On Wu's side are Shi Wen, and Sha Chung, while Kuang was assisted by Pei Chiang, Si Ma, and Niu Chung. Soon Shi gained power and sent Niu to kill Wu with Lui Yan's dagger, causing Lui Yan to commit suicide before the Commander. Niu became possessed with self-reproach, and was jailed for being drunk. Shi sent Pai Siow Lan, Niu's sweetheart to poison Niu. Pai drank the poisoned drink, and begged Niu to escape. Realizing Shi's true character, Niu went to seek Shi. In the end, Niu committed suicide after killing Shi.

The Dunning Man

The Dunning Man

Connor Ryan, out of a job and dumped by his girlfriend, returns to Atlantic City to try to rebuild his life with the last source of income that he has -- a few apartments in a low-rise condo complex that sits in the shadows of AC's newest and most expensive casino. Unfortunately, Connor's tenants don't want to pay him. In order to get his money, Connor has to take on a pair of Chechen animal trainers with underworld ties, a rap star who parties so hard the neighbors can't sleep, and a struggling single mother who steals his heart...

False Witness

False Witness 1989

An assistant district attorney's (Phylicia Rashad) co-worker lover (Philip Michael Thomas) plans to prove her wrong about a case.

8 Man After

8 Man After

A police officer that nearly meets a violent death is turned into a cyborg with superhuman strength, speed and reflexes.

The Iron Butterfly II

The Iron Butterfly II 1990

A Hong Kong homicide detective insists on the same name that his father, Rock Moon, has died and carved it deeply into his heart. In this case her mother is treated in a psychiatric hospital. Have found that their heads are the same in recent drug trafficking and crime-ridden campaigns.

Fishy Stones

Fishy Stones 1990

After a well-executed jewelry store heist, two amateur thugs go on the run. But the police are not too far behind, and after a chase through the countryside, the thugs are apprehended - but only after they stash their loot in a clump of nearby bushes. When two best friends head off into the wilderness on a camping expedition together, luck seems to be on their side when they discover the hidden stash of diamonds.



In a post-Soviet state the trial is held over the former president, exposing the previous government to the people.



Methbusters takes you along with a film crew following the Franklin County Missouri narcotics task force, as they take down home made meth labs in the most active illegal amphetamine manufacturing state in the U.S.. Every year except 2010, Missouri has led every state in the number of busted meth labs, only behind once by Tennessee, since it's inception in 2005. National Geographic channel aired this pilot film July 8, 2014, as Det. Sgt. Jason Grellner leads his highly trained swat team on busts that numbered 1,500 as of the taping. Nat Geo reports that Det. Sgt. Grellner and his team never lose a case, and besides busting meth labs, they also bust trafficking of heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. - National Geographic Channel, Sub-Saharan Africa KMOV Channel 4, St. Louis

Shark Operation

Shark Operation 1988

This is an action-packed action movie from the tough criminal environment of Hong Kong. Carter plays a tough narcotics cop tracking a syndicate chief suspeced for drug trafficking and trading of counterfeit money. Carter and his team make their way to Malaysia where the drug baron is residing, where the final showdown, after several surprises, reaches its peak. The film is packed with action in all variants.


Interrogation 1979

The investigator Seifi Ganiev runs the case of an illegal mercery shop's head Murad Abiyev, who confessed in embezzlement of one million rubles from public funds. Abiyev is also accused of the murder of an underage girls that occurred in Riga shortly after Abiyev saw her. He denies his guilt, but does not name the perpetrators though he knows them, despite the fact that he is facing the death penalty. The investigator understands that some high-ranking officials stand behind Abiyev, but he has no proof. Ganiev seeks to obtain from the prisoner the whole truth to bring the criminals to justice.

Exercise with three unknowns

Exercise with three unknowns 1979

Criminal investigation is investigating the case of robbery of the factory cashier. At the checkpoint of the factory of precision mechanics and optics, two criminals attack the cashier. Criminals manage to escape by the car, waiting for them around the corner. At the scene of the crime, criminal investigation officers arrive Major Dorokhov and Lieutenant Matushkin. They interview witnesses, but they did not remember properly any attackers or machine numbers, but noticed that one prevented the other from firing.

The Vacancy

The Vacancy 1985

Amy and Audrey King are desperate to find jobs, so they apply for work at their local supermarket. They are fortunate enough to end up on a shortlist of five and receive invitations to attend an interview 10:30pm at night. They arrive at the store to meet two of the other interviewees and the manager, Anthony Parker, who locks the door on the late arrival and takes the four to the staffroom, inviting them down individually for their interviews. Then murder and mayhem begins as the applicants are stalked through the darkened supermarket warehouse by a masked murderer.


Puzzle 1978

A man oppressed by his wife's authoritarian ways designs the perfect crime to rid himself of her for good, but something doesn't work in the plan in this Diabolique-inspired thriller. Made for Italian television.