War Classics

War Classics

4 Feature films. Casablanca Express, with Glen Ford (1989), Waterfront with John Carridine (1944), Cold War Killers With Michael Culver (1986), A Yank in Libya with H.B. Warner (1942).

Nazi Hunters: The Real Story

Nazi Hunters: The Real Story

This gripping documentary recounts the story of the long search for Nazis in hiding from 1945 to the present day. Sixty years of relentless investigations, set-backs, trials and dramas brought about principally by three extraordinary individuals: the Austrian death camp survivor, Simon Wiesenthal and the German/French couple Beate and serge Klarsfeld who devoted their lives to search for the highest level Nazis still at large.

Eight Kilos of Happiness

Eight Kilos of Happiness 1980

A film about an incident in the last war when a gypsy girl sacrifices herself for her lover, a partisan who has deserted.

Angel of Mercy

Angel of Mercy 1993

The love story between a young widow and an austrian-hungarian army officer during the First World War.

The Fugitive

The Fugitive 1973

WWII - Slovenia under Italian fascist occupation. Two friends separated by a woman they both loved, and then by war as well: one of them joins partisans, the other Italian occupying forces.

And the Bombs Keep Falling

And the Bombs Keep Falling 1974

France 1944. A landslide imprisons five American soldiers in a cave where, after seven days, they find a passage that leads to a cache of weapons, food and Germans.

Who Goes Next?

Who Goes Next? 1938

During the First World War, a number of captured British officers attempt to escape a prisoner-of-war camp.